Shalini Srivastava



Shalini Srivastava has come up with her fourth oil painting exhibition, “Fantasy on Canvas”, where she has chosen the world of fantasia by depicting mythological characters like mermaids, dragons, etc. She has used various shades of colours in describing myriad forms of legendary creatures appearing in the folklore, literature and artworks.

Shalini has displayed her artistic expression in her three earlier oil painting exhibitions held in Goa in the years 2011 and 2012 which were highly appreciated by the critics as well as art lovers. This has encouraged her to take up a new subject where her imagination and thought have shown no bounds and have been juxtaposed on canvas beautifully.

She is a self-inspired and self-taught painter born in Lucknow. Shalini Srivastava, the loving mother of three adorable and supportive children (Garima, Niharika and Advait), is creativity personified and can be an inspiration for budding artists.

Her foray into painting started with basic sketching. This sketching culminated into fully-fledged professional paintings. She ventured out into the world of painting as an amateur. Now, she is a professional painter in her own right to be reckoned with.

Shalini is very gifted and talented which is amply obvious from the fact that she has not received any formal training in painting. Her paintings are a candid expression of her inner feelings on the canvas in oil. Her every brush stroke is awe-inspiring and intriguing. Time has seen her turn into a professional from an amateur.

For her, painting is not just a passion, it is the raison d'être. Her penchant for mermaids, dragons and fairies as a painting subject stems from her invigorating stay in the idyllic surroundings of Goa. Through her paintings, she has brought mythological creatures alive in her own inimitable style. The exhibition tells its own fascinating story.

She is a graduate from IT College, Lucknow, and is married to an exemplary civil servant. She loves to travel and imbibe the artistic energy exuded by each and every of place visited by her.